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One year ago, Typhoon Haiyan stopped being just another terrible news story for me when I spoke to a friend whose village was devastated by it. I started to think a lot about how overwhelming an experience it must have been, especially for children.

That was where the idea for Finding Hope came from. It's an e-picture book from the perspective of a child after the typhoon.

One year on the victims of Typhoon Haiyan continue to need support to build back better and stronger, so I hope you'll consider making a huge difference to them through a donation to Plan International's Typhoon Haiyan Appeal.

Plan International is a global children's charity, which has done amazing work for the victims of Typhoon Haiyan including helping 44,000 children to resume their education and providing chid-friendly spaces for 21,000 children, emergency food distributions to 1,500,000 people and temporary shelter or support to rebuild homes to 195,000 people.

Find out what it's like to search for hope after losing everything in this video or from our free ebook.

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