About the Author

I'm a rating analyst by day, mother of two by night/weekends and a picture book writer for those occasional minutes between the two. I grew up in NJ and have lived in London for 14 years.

One year ago, Typhoon Haiyan stopped being just another terrible news story for me when I spoke to a friend whose village was devastated by it.

I quickly wrote the first draft of Finding Hope with the idea of using it to fundraise for its victims. But I had no idea how to illustrate it or make an e-book. I've learned about some phenomenal tools for making e-picture books over the past year, and I'll use this blog to tell you about them.

I'd also like to thank the many people who helped me to produce the e-book and fundraising website. Thanks so much to my amazing husband, kids and both sets of grandparents who gave me time over the last month to finish this project. Thank you to my wonderful critique groups - the Scribblers and Spoons - for your help on the many, many drafts of Finding Hope. Thanks again to the amazing people at Plan UK for all of their support.  And thanks to my friends who either listened to me talk about this or helpfully distracted me from it for a bit.

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